Edan Lepucki makes dazzling doomsday debut with ‘California’

Fans of the Colbert Report should be quite familiar with the name Edan Lepucki, whose debut novel, “California,” has been mentioned on air three times in regard to the talk show host’s war against Amazon. Feud aside, Colbert could not have chosen a better book to champion. Lepucki’s contribution to
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Maurizio Cattelan's sculpture of a man in a manhole

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A weekly selection for Feb. 22-24

Just as A$AP Rocky successfully embeds fashion in his art, Maurizio Cattelan, an Italian artist and sculptor, and Pierpaolo Ferrari, a fashion photographer, were commissioned by New York Magazine to photograph pieces from this fashion season. TIME’s director of photography interviewed New York Magazine’s director of photography about the shoot. The photographs are both
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Amazon to start shipping with … drones?

Amazon is using drones to deliver your packages — in 30 minutes from the time you order, no less. Forgot to order that book you needed for that dreaded R&C class? No worries. Just place an order 30 minutes before class, and your little robotic buddy will show up with your package
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ebook cver

App showdown: Google Books vs. Kindle

E-books are all the rage right now. Sure, paper books look far more academic, but who wants to carry around something so heavy that you could probably kill somebody with it? The concept of an e-book has even evolved in our society: The once ever-present e-reader is all but dead
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"Flights of Mind" by Vita Wells

Berkeley reads ‘well,’ says Amazon

Summer readers, lifelong bookworms, nerds and closet nerds have another reason to be happy in Berkeley. According to Amazon, Berkeley is among the top 20 “most well-read” cities in the country. Though rankings are determined by sales alone, we can experience Berkeley’s bibliophilia just by walking around. Our campus offers
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Local sex shop chain experiences massive growth

In the four years I’ve been reporting for The Daily Californian, it wasn’t until I attended the post-renovation grand re-opening of the Berkeley location of Good Vibrations that I found the holy grail of party favors: a free vibrator given away with a smile to anyone who wished the sex
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Anna Vignet/Senior Staff

Faces of Berkeley: Derek Low, the mind behind B.R.A.D.

UC Berkeley freshman creates automated haven of dorm room

At first glance, UC Berkeley freshman Derek Low’s dorm room seems like a normal triple — two parallel bunk beds line the walls, furniture is crammed into every corner, and a few colorful posters are tacked to the closet doors. But a closer look reveals motion detectors at the room’s
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Distributing the burden

STATE AFFAIRS: Amazon should begin collecting sales tax at the time of purchase as a matter of fairness to the people of California.

California is known for its natural beauty, Hollywood culture and the counter-culture movement of the 1960s, among other things. Unfortunately, it is also known for its dysfunctional politics. California is constantly facing budget cuts that impact social services, particularly higher education. Many complain that taxes are already too high, meaning
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Local politicians advocate for boycott of Amazon

Two local legislators joined advocacy groups in Sacramento Monday to boycott Amazon due to the company’s effort to overturn a law requiring online retailers to collect state and local sales tax from their customers. State Senator Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, and state Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, teamed up with state advocacy
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