Internationality does not excuse racism

A Whole New World

Racial stereotyping jokes were the norm at my international high school, because they were the only way we knew to survive. The problematic aspects of such jokes became clear to me only after I’d graduated.
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Our system isn’t broken, it’s dead

Two Steps Forward

Rather than rolling our eyes at the Tea Party, we should take a cue from them. For too long, we have been bound by classical party strictures, shoving ourselves into limited and gridlocked groups that function only for the interests of their pockets and pride. As misguided as the new far right may be, by threatening to break away from the GOP, they’re on the cusp of being far more progressive than any socialists. Rather than forcing ourselves into the too-small boundaries of the parties that exist, young people today should search for options that fit their ideas.
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Gena-mour Barrett

Take it from a foreigner

Worlds Collide

Famous rapper, Nelly, once said, “drop down and get your eagle on, girl” and whilst the actual meaning of this phrase is debatable, I believe his true intention was to tell the people of our generation to spread their wings… and travel.
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Off the beat: I can’t count in English, and I love it

Once, at a party, a friend turned to me and somewhat drunkenly asked, “So, like, what exactly are you?” Despite the weird way she phrased her question, I understood what she meant — but only because I’ve been asked this question numerous times in a variety of ways. As I
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Summertime accurately depicted through Lana Del Rey lyrics

If you’ve never listened to Lana Del Rey’s music, you should know that she references the wonderful and warm — or horrible and sweaty, depending on where you are — season of summer. Lana’s sultry, playful lyrics suitably describe various aspects in our lives and make those aspects sound a lot cooler
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Life lessons to take away from country music

Sometimes it can be difficult to grasp the deeper meaning buried within the lyrics to a song. A lot of artists on the radio today take pride in their ability to stump the listener with their profound words, while others write things that just don’t make any sense at all.
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Santorum says…

"People's champion" fails to realize that even Everyman has college dreams

As Americans, we believe that we are free to pursue whatever makes us happy and allows us to live a better, more prosperous life. A large part of this “pursuit of happiness” has to do with the fact that, as Americans, we have the opportunity for upward mobility, which is
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Christopher Coulter Columnist

Bending sacred bonds

Insurance companies agree: The most stabilizing forces in our society are the bonds of marriage. When two people find the passion to commit to one another, the urge to perpetrate moving violations suddenly goes out the window — along with any lingering family suspicion of residence in the closet. But
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