Let’s talk: A call for open-mindedness

Friends back home roll their eyes when I say that after a semester here, I became vegetarian, joined Amnesty International and picked up an Ethics concentration in my major. But contrary to popular belief, I have not become a violent anti-fascist, a member of the socialist party or a dissenter of free speech.
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Simply put, US drones kill

Earlier this week, I opened the Daily Cal to find a harmless-looking sketch of a U.S. military drone flying in a purple sky. Under it, I saw the title “Drones make America safer.” After reading the op-ed piece written by political science student Blair Rotert, I felt absolutely compelled to
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If you missed Calapalooza, read this

If you missed Calapalooza this year, fear not. We at the Clog are here to help you sift through the countless clubs and organizations Cal has to offer. Do you already bleed blue and gold? Did you make friends with Oski at orientation? Maybe spirit groups are your thing! Or perhaps you love
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