Berkeley Copwatch alleges police misconduct in death of Kayla Moore

In its report, Berkeley Copwatch highlighted allegations of police misconduct and a dearth of mental crisis services that they said influenced the death of Moore, who had a history of mental health issues. About 50 people, in addition to six commissioners and four Berkeley police officers, attended the meeting.
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Police Review Board meeting involves testimony of Nov. 9 protest

Videos and verbal testimony from the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal protests were presented to the UC Berkeley Police Review Board by UCPD representatives and advocates for student and faculty protesters Monday night. At the public meeting, participants had the opportunity to explain to the board — which will eventually make  recommendations
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City commission closes March 3 crowd control complaint

The Berkeley Police Review Commission voted at a meeting Wednesday night to close a policy complaint raised earlier this year regarding police use of force and crowd control tactics at the protests on the UC Berkeley campus in March. The complaint — brought March 17 by Copwatch member Andrea Prichett
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