Eleventh Twelfth

Cutting Room Floor

I can’t explain why November is my favorite month. When anyone asks, I say that it’s because my ascendant sign is Scorpio and hope that they buy it and that they won’t try to debate me on whether or not astrology is real in the first place. Ten novembers ago
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Animal Collective_Eda_Yu_staff

Animal Collective delivers dreams to the Fox Theater

Venerable indie and experimental pop band Animal Collective played a sold-out show at Oakland’s Fox Theater on Mar. 7. The large, ornately decorated venue proved perfect for the kind of show the psychedelic pop-rock band provided. The stage was covered in paper cutouts and geometric sketches; the high ceilings and
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Animal Collective paints with broad, pop strokes on latest album

Animal Collective albums never hand you their appeal on a silver platter. Some past projects, such as Sung Tongs and Strawberry Jam, are assertive and dense, beautifully brash in their own way. Others are much more ethereal and distant, soaked in spacey reverberating synths that underscore crooning vocals. Merriweather Post
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Indie band Art Nikels changes the Berkeley music scene

With sounds that soar ephemerally, resonating up through the hills and beyond, Berkeley-based psychedelic-indie band Art Nikels is carving out a space for itself in the pluralistic Bay Area scene, bringing a decidedly Berkeley approach. Outstanding and creative musicians in their own rights, the members of this band of UC
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Playlist of the week: spring cleaning!

Spring has finally sprung here around Berkeley. It’s visible from the pleasant — or perhaps not so pleasant — April showers and the beautiful sunny days soaking up sun on the Glade. And as the old adage goes (well, paraphrased!), spring is the time to clean. For some, it’s literal cleaning. (Hint:
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This Week in Arts

VISUAL ART If there was one Bay Area show this fall that could best capture what is currently happening in contemporary art, it would be “Stand Tall Pt. III” opening on Saturday night at Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery. This week, 38 artists are coming from near and far to
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Animal Collective: Centipede HZ

Radio ads and announcements are often the jabber between songs, the necessary evils that help listeners keep their stations in business. Physical CDs have assumed a similar role in music. If sales are what a band’s spirit is worth in cold, hard cash, then lately, that answer has been: nothing.
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Coming right up

A preview of the amazing lineup of artists coming to Berkeley this fall

I remember sitting in the back of the 1 bus, riding down Telegraph to my first ever show at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Dressed in a totally impractical outfit, watching the little dot on my iPhone venture down Telegraph Avenue to make sure that we didn’t miss our stop,
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