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Work in Progress

As is to be expected of an arts journalist, I have never been one to quietly consume media. But it’s a different breed of fan altogether who invests time, money and often blood, sweat and tears into conventions.
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If you could go to school in an anime

We’ve all imagined at one point or another a fantasy where we can escape our reality. Instead of stressing over midterms, checking bank accounts or hashing out relationship problems, plop yourself in front of laptop and prepare to enter the anime world. Shorter than your typical American shows, anime are
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Flashback Friday: watching anime!

Anime fans unite. “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods,” a new movie based off “Dragon Ball Z,” was just released in Japan. The news is a big deal to longtime fans of the beloved series. It’s the first Dragon Ball movie to be released theatrically in 17 years. To say the least,
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Flashback Friday: playing Pokemon all over again

This Sunday marks the 10th anniversary for the U.S. release of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, the third generation sequel of the saga (wait, there was more Pokemon after Pikachu?). Befitting a Flashback Friday piece, we will remind you of your tot days of thumbing the controls — hours spent frying
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