Fixing UC Berkeley politics starts with rhetoric we employ

On Oct. 5, BridgeUSA co-hosted a symposium with the Berkeley Center for New Media — BCNM — and the Graduate Assembly centered around free speech in the age of social media. To briefly recap: The event went well. Robert Reich and Chancellor Carol Christ delivered excellent keynote addresses, the panel
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screen-shot-2017-10-13-at-3-57-07-pm speaks at Revolution Books

You’ve seen them at protests. You’ve seen them on Sproul Plaza. Here is Sunsara Taylor, a member of Refuse Fascism talking about what this group is and what it stands for. Video by: Ashley-Grace Vo & Nate Mahowald


Antifa movie night!

Tired after a long day of protesting? Here’s a list of candidates for a movie night that’ll make you laugh, cry or embrace the crushing weight of existence.
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