My greatest nemesis: The ampersand

Why do we need a fancy symbol for this? Well, the continued existence of the ampersand seems to suggest we do. But this usage suggests a convolutedness that transcends this simple claim to efficiency.
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Grammar: It’s just a feeling

If you ask me whether a verb is in the subjunctive mood, it’ll take me a while at best, require that I look up “subjunctive” before I can do the this hypothetical test set before me at worst.
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Dictionary deity

As a copy editor of this publication, the bona fide final bastion against hasty mistakes, I take my job seriously as a prophet of George and Charles Merriam, wielding my holy book.
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Hate the style, not the stylebook

According to the Associated Press Stylebook, the ever-sacred text that any copy editor worth their salt strictly adheres to, brackets cannot be used as punctuation because “they cannot be transmitted over news wires.”
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Just a copy editor

Someone has to do it, and it’s a pretty damn important job. But I can’t help but wonder: I spend my time editing work rather than composing my own — does that mean I’m somehow lacking in the creativity that writers possess?
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Contract usage of contractions

Expressing regret over eating an entire loaf of pumpkin bread by lying back on the couch and moaning, “I shouldn’t’ve done that,” would not be out of the ordinary. But it looks wrong and unwieldy in print. Why is this?
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