How to find Uber buddies

As the last weekend of move-out draws closer and closer, we know what’s really on your mind — not the final for that class you haven’t been to in three months, and certainly not saying goodbye to all the new friends you made this year. Nope, the only issue that’s
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Piece by piece: how one SF app is transforming the art market

“I’m not an art snob,” offered Ethan Appleby with a slow grin, by way of introduction. Few people would describe themselves as such, but the disclaimer is exhilarating coming from Appleby, the co-founder and CEO of Vango, an art-marketplace app fit for the new order of original, online art retail.
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New Snapchat allows for fearless drunk texting

The newest update to Snapchat now allows for live chatting!  If you’ve become disinterested in Snapchat (although we don’t know how anyone could get tired of taking selfies), it’s time for you to update the app and let shameless self-absorption take over your life. Here are some of the new features: new
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