Hooked: Examining the rise of an app

Every new generation of college students brings with it its own new trending apps. We saw the rise and fall of Yik Yak and Whatsgoodly. Dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble continue to dominate the college dating scene. Now, food and drink app Hooked seems to be making its
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10 ways to deal with weird weather

Here in Berkeley, it’s pretty much a reliable notion that the weather forecast is going to be unreliable every second of every day. No matter what your weather app says, it’s going to turn from freezing cold to scorching hot within a matter of minutes — and rain likes to
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Bookselves: An app for book lovers

Have you ever read an amazing, mind-boggling, beautiful piece of literature and felt the immediate need to discuss it with someone but none of your friends will to read it? Well, a team consisting of UC Berkeley students have created a new mobile startup app, cleverly titled “Bookselves,” which seeks to
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Best of healthy eating apps

It can be hard to eat healthy when you’re away from mom’s cooking and have a busy schedule. That’s why we tested out many healthy eating apps and created pros and cons lists for different apps that will fit into whatever food lifestyle you have or want to achieve. Whether
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7 fitness apps to get you through midterms

The first round of midterms is upon us. Don’t let your fitness routine get sidelined. We’ve listed seven fitness-, nutrition- and wellness-related apps and websites to help boost your motivation and allow you to fit in a quick and purposeful workout. 1. Popsugar Fitness Don’t have time for the gym?
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7 apps we really want UC Berkeley students to create

Attention all electrical engineering and computer sciences majors: We’ve come up with a few potential multimillion-dollar ideas that are up for grabs. Living in a society consumed by technology, we are actually surprised these apps don’t exist yet. Develop the code for these money-makers, and you’ll be sure to have
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