Quiz: Which late night eatery should you go to?

The moon is up, you’ve been studying (or partying) all night and you couldn’t be hungrier. Well, luckily, you live in Berkeley, which is home to some of the best late night eats in the country. If you feel that there are too many options, though, this quiz will help you decide
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Ethan Epstein /File

The return of Berkeley bites

Greetings fellow Golden Bears, the time has come for us to return to our gloriously decorated institution of higher learning. To ease the pain of returning to the Bay, we at the Clog have complied some Berkeley bites that remind you there’s no place quite like Berzerkeley.
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Ode to end of Game Days

Fellow Berkeley Bears, we are all in mourning for the end of our favorite season, we must stay strong, unite and discover a means to give our lives newfound reason. Game Days are coming to a storming end, but this weekend we finished with a bang, and, in all honesty, Stanford
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