Hey, Cube Entertainment? We’ve got beef

I love music enough to create it, to write about it, to critique it, to consume it at all hours. It’s exciting to see K-pop rapidly grow in popularity, inspiring non-Korean fans to become acquainted with a culture they may not have known much about otherwise.
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Rolling Loud 2018: Chxpo

When San Francisco-based Lil Kayla was inexplicably replaced — only to arrive an hour or so later for a brief set — by a half-baked performance from Cleveland-based rapper Chxpo, people quickly took notice, and they were not happy.
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The author is absent

Reading life closely

This mindset creates dangerous misunderstandings about the value of literature and of the realities of mental illness.
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Shrinky Dink creations with Lieyah Dagan

We at the Clog sat down with Lieyah Dagan, a Bare Magazine photographer and artist. She does some pretty cool stuff with water colors, sharpies and lots of other things. Check out our interview with her below. The Daily Californian: What about art inspires you? Lieyah Dagan: Well, in general,
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