City calls for BART plaza sculpture submissions

Calling all artists: until the end of the month, the city of Berkeley is looking for a sculpture to be featured as part of the renovated Downtown BART plaza. The open call is for an already-made sculpture to be featured in the plaza.
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Justin Knight_Online

On being a try-hard

Fake Out

Confession: I am a try-hard. I’m not a very good try-hard. I’m definitely not engaging with a particular image or entering a particular scene successfully. Still, I try really hard, and it shows. Urban Dictionary defines the try-hard as “a person who puts a large amount of effort into achieving
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MGMT performs at the Frost Music and Arts Festival

This past Saturday, the Frost Music and Arts Festival took place at Stanford’s Frost Amphitheater with MGMT as the headliner. Once we got past the fact that this was taking place at Stanford, we have to admit that it was a pretty cool experience. We thought that it was a
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Running in slow motion

Champagne Problems

My mother is a doctor. On a few occasions in my life — in restaurants, on planes or on the side of the street — we have come across someone who has fallen, fainted or had some kind of accident. Concerned and curious people swarm around the injured person until
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