Correcting Mecklai’s misleading claims

After reading ASUC External Affairs Vice President Safeena Mecklai’s op-ed last Tuesday titled “USDA is a threat to a student district,” we, as members of the Berkeley Student Cooperative, feel compelled to respond. We believe Mecklai deliberately misrepresented the facts about redistricting to advance her own political interests. Instead of
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The missing black students

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley’s dearth of African American students is out of sync with our values and alienates members of our community

Today’s inauguration ceremony is an opportunity for Chancellor Nicholas Dirks. He will have the ears of the campus — professors, students, administrators and many other members of the community. To take full advantage of this opportunity, however, Dirks should take the time to reflect on the values and diversity of our campus and on who makes up our community.
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Beyonce weighs in on the bill to make ASUC senators wear nametags

Currently on the table: An ASUC Senate bill suggests ASUC senators and administrators wear nametags around campus and in class — a never-ending “Hello, My Name Is” reminding us that we are indeed in the age of 24/7 accessibility. Will this bill — authored by Independent Campaign for Common Sense Senator Solomon Nwoche
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