The divestment dilemma

CAMPUS ISSUES: The controversial divestment bill passed by the ASUC Senate this week should have been crafted in a more inclusive manner.

On Wednesday night, members of the UC Berkeley community continued a proud campus tradition of speaking out against injustice. People with diverse opinions about an ASUC Senate bill that calls for divestment from companies tied to human rights violations in Israel agreed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs resolution. Yet, in
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Support for survivors

CAMPUS ISSUES: The ASUC Senate’s vote of no confidence in campus sexual assault policies was a necessary step to start serious dialogue about this issue.

UC Berkeley must be a safe place for survivors of sexual assault. If a majority of the ASUC Senate, after considering input from survivors, feels that current campus policies are grossly inadequate, there is clearly a problem that the campus administration must address. Last week, the senate passed a bill
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Another banner day

Gregory Arena/Staff

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2013 ASUC election endorsements

To read the Senior Editorial Board’s full endorsements, click here.  Campus climate has been a particularly salient issue at UC Berkeley in recent years. From the contentious 2010 divestment battle in the ASUC Senate to more recent incidents like the outcry over the hanging zombie at Theta Delta Chi last
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