The ASUC Senate meets on Sept. 18. A bill authored by Independent Campaign for Common 
Sense Senator Solomon Nwoche aims to encourage senators and administrators to wear nametags

ASUC Senate to debate bill asking senators to wear nametags

Although a recently introduced ASUC Senate bill that asks senators to wear magnetic nametags is intended to increase ASUC transparency, it has been met with skepticism by senators and students alike. The bill, SB 21, authored by Independent Campaign for Common Sense Senator Solomon Nwoche, asks senators to wear nametags
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Student leaders must speak up

This spring, students voted for a bold new vision for the ASUC. Assumptions were challenged, an entrenched majority was uprooted and new voices were chosen to breathe life into our student government. I campaigned as a student, an activist and an advocate. I was democratically elected to serve as executive
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Divestment quid pro no

CAMPUS ISSUES: Events surrounding the ASUC Senate’s passage of SB 160, including a disgraceful deal offer from a senator, cast a pall over the campus.

If ASUC Senator Jorge Pacheco truly wanted to settle charges against President Connor Landgraf, he should have done it the right way. Attempting to thwart the democratic process instead and influence Landgraf’s decision on whether to veto the ASUC Senate’s controversial divestment bill was wildly inappropriate. Elected representatives of the
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Isocrates on divestment

The Critic Who Counts

Nothing like a scandalous political quid pro quo, complete with new information about an ideologically stained physical assault on Sproul alongside bylaw violation charges galore to awaken our senses. I give you, Divestment: Season 2. After this latest flood of melodrama, politicians in Washington, D.C., and Sacramento look like snoozers.
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Abandon SHIP

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Following the recommendation of student leaders, UC Berk eley should withdraw from the UC Student Health Insurance Plan.

In theory, the UC Student Health Insurance Plan’s benefits should outweigh its costs. But in practice, they don’t. For this reason, UC Berkeley should withdraw from the systemwide plan and revert to managing its own health coverage for its own students. SHIP was supposed to unite all UC campuses under
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The divestment dilemma

CAMPUS ISSUES: The controversial divestment bill passed by the ASUC Senate this week should have been crafted in a more inclusive manner.

On Wednesday night, members of the UC Berkeley community continued a proud campus tradition of speaking out against injustice. People with diverse opinions about an ASUC Senate bill that calls for divestment from companies tied to human rights violations in Israel agreed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs resolution. Yet, in
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