Should you study in the UC Berkeley Amazon store?

Amazon recently opened a store in the ASUC Student Union, and it’s become quite the studying hot spot. This begs the question, should we be studying there at all? In order to better understand the whole system, we set out to investigate how to best utilize the room for what
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Where should you pretend to study?

Most of us are still in a state of denial over the dawn of a new semester. We don’t have our books, notebooks or pens, which means we can’t possibly be expected to accomplish anything remotely resembling work. But we want to project the appearance of accomplishment. To help you look
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How to go through RRR Week without leaving the Student Union

As students resumed classes following Thanksgiving break, many noticed something wonderful: the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union and Eshleman Hall are now open 24 hours a day. This is a call for celebration for late-night studiers everywhere — no longer must your cramming sessions and RRR Week all-nighters be confined to the crowded
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