Youth vote proved essential to passage of Prop. 30

ASUC External Affairs Vice President Shahryar Abbasi spent the week leading up to last week’s election working from 7 a.m. to midnight to make sure UC Berkeley students were informed on Election Day. One of the pieces of legislation on which Abbasi worked tirelessly to educate students  was Proposition 30,
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ASUC Vote Coalition registers 8,000 students to vote

Over the course of an almost six-month-long voter registration campaign, the ASUC Vote Coalition registered more than 8,000 students to vote, officials announced Wednesday — thousands fewer than their original goal. As of Wednesday, the nonpartisan coalition housed in the ASUC Office of the External Affairs Vice President had registered
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Demolished voting obstacles

STATE ISSUES: Legislation geared at simplifying the voter registration process will hopefully improve student-voter participation in California.

By the time the next presidential election comes around, California should see significantly higher turnout among student voters. Through some landmark legislation, the state took remarkable steps toward easing restrictions on voting. A system for online voter registration was launched last Wednesday as the result of a previously passed state
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Vote to make your voice heard

Just last Wednesday,  a system was launched that allows Californians to register to vote online for the first time. Anyone who cares about hearing the voices of young people in our democracy should celebrate this action. Online registration will make voting more accessible for everyone. Youth, however, will likely see
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