Council member gives his first-ever ASUC executive candidate endorsements

For the first time in his 15 years as a Berkeley City Council member, Kriss Worthington has endorsed student candidates for the ASUC elections at UC Berkeley. Worthington, whose district includes the UC Berkeley campus and surrounding Southside neighborhoods, endorsed Andrew Albright, Sydney Fang and Anthony Galace, three CalSERVE executive
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Three questions for the ASUC candidates

The Devil's Advocate

To my knowledge, no ASUC candidate from a major party has said anything controversial this election season. We’ve heard a lot of nebulous rhetoric about “leading Cal to a brighter future” and “improving campus climate.” But I haven’t heard anyone from CalServe or Student Action say something a substantial number
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skinner perez

ASUC to host roundtable with state Assembly members

The ASUC will host a roundtable discussion about the Middle Class Scholarship Act with Speaker of the Assembly John Perez, D-Los Angeles, and Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, on Thursday in the ASUC Senate chambers in Eshleman Hall. The two former UC Berkeley students coauthored the act, which is designed to close
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CalSERVE senator and candidate for ASUC President Andrew Albright speaks alongside a number of the other presidential candidates at The Daily Californians ASUC Candidates Forum on Friday night.

Platforms, fee referendums debated at Daily Cal’s ASUC Candidates Forum

ASUC executive position candidates were met with shouting, snaps and cheers at The Daily Californian’s ASUC Candidates Forum Friday as they spoke about their goals if elected to office. At the annual forum, executive candidates from Student Action, CalSERVE, Defend Affirmative Action Party, Students for a Democratic University and SQUELCH!
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2012 ASUC Candidates Forum Live Blog

It’s the Friday evening before ASUC election week, which can only mean one thing — and I’m not talking about Beat the Clock! It’s time for The Daily Californian’s annual Candidates Forum. Hundreds of students have gathered in Chan Shun Auditorium to hear how the executive hopefuls plan to “serve …
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Meme team

Life in the Matrix

What my friends think I do: geek out. What my mom thinks I do: she doesn’t. What society thinks I do: write things not worthy of comment. What I think I do: craft profound explorations of human cyber-consciousness. What my editor thinks I do: place a wrench in the publishing
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Caught in the web

When Student Action party members proclaim “every student, every year,” no ASUC voter should expect that each individual candidate represents that mantra. Rather, the party strives to fulfill its slogan by running a diverse slate of individuals from across the UC Berkeley community. Even so, Student Action was right to
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Don’t be an ASUC sucker

Given Insight

If you’re one of 36,000 Cal students and 845 million Facebook users like me, you’ve probably been entranced by UC Berkeley Memes lately. Whether it’s the “Inception” maze of Dwinelle Hall, trollface 51B bus or “rent is too damn high” Clark Kerr Campus, these memes tailored to our community deliver
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

Vote for meow

Honesty is the best policy — unless, of course, “seduction” is the policy in question. The Oxford English Dictionary defines seduction as “The action or an act of seducing (a person) to err in conduct or belief; allurement (to some course of action).” In other less pretty words, seduction is manipulation’s
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