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Vote for meow

Honesty is the best policy — unless, of course, “seduction” is the policy in question. The Oxford English Dictionary defines seduction as “The action or an act of seducing (a person) to err in conduct or belief; allurement (to some course of action).” In other less pretty words, seduction is manipulation’s
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Airing grievances

CAMPUS ISSUES: Concerns that ASUC voting over AirBears will increase cheating are legitimate but fail to address the problem.

The ASUC has for decades embodied real-world politics more than many student governments on other campuses. This emulation, though, carries with it the best and worst of partisan factionalism. The senate made the right decision in allowing voters to cast their ballots over AirBears this year. However, concerns that the
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Don’t harbor hatred

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: While Louis Farrakhan has made hateful statements in the past, he should not be prevented from speaking on campus.

UC Berkeley’s place in the American story represents the best in scientific, social and cultural innovation. Its scholars have found treatments for heinous afflictions and advanced justice with their research and words. When we fight, we fight for freethinking justice, as exemplified by the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s.
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Birgeneau BSU Farrakhan

Where is Birgeneau’s email condemning the BSU?

We all know how Calmail tends to act up now and again, and we also know how fond Chancellor Birgeneau is of espousing his personal political beliefs via the UC Berkeley campus email list — yet I still await his passionate email condemning the decision of the Black Student Union to
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Farrakhan and UC Berkeley’s free speech fallacy

The Devil's Advocate

It’s surprising that UC Berkeley, home of the Free Speech Movement, is unable to handle free speech. I’m referring to, most recently, the widespread hysteria over the Black Student Union’s decision to host the controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan at UC Berkeley. Farrakhan, one of six speakers scheduled
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No patience for intolerance

“With your state filled with homosexuals, filled with degenerates, filled with disease … With all of this going on in your state, you should welcome me like the return of Jesus Christ.” These words are almost too offensive and disturbing to print, and yet they are attributed to a speaker
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A man holds an Occupy Cal sign in front of the capitol building in Sacramento.

Live Blog: Students rally in Sacramento, occupy Capitol building

Following protests of varying sizes nationwide on March 1, over 10,000 students are expected to rally and march at the Capitol today in Sacramento in support of public higher education. Additionally, students plan to engage in over 100 lobbying visits as part of the UC Student Association’s annual Student Lobby Conference
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Cal Poly students vote to support tuition increase

As students prepare to protest in Sacramento on Monday against budget cuts to California’s higher education institutions, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students voted to support a proposed campus fee increase increase Wednesday. In an effort to generate an estimated $14 million within three years to offset state budget cuts, the
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Birgeneau endorses March 5 rally in Sacramento

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau voiced support in an email Tuesday for the demonstration in Sacramento planned for March 5, promising that senior campus officials would join students in their protest of “the state’s disinvestment from public higher education.” UC Berkeley Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer, Vice Chancellor for Student
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OpEd copy

The need for student input in Lower Sproul

In less than a year’s time, the physical terrain of our campus will be in a state of transition. Lower Sproul Redevelopment is expected to officially begin next fall with the demolition of Eshleman Hall and the implementation of the B.E.A.R.S. (Bringing Energy and Revitalization to Sproul) Initiative. This $223
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