Lower Sproul Plaza renovation may be completed in one phase

As the Lower Sproul Plaza renovation project is set to enter into a phase which will determine its minute elements, committee members have also been considering a decision to potentially minimize the project’s total construction time. Recently, committees within the  project have begun discussions to consolidate the two-phase project into
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Some in ASUC support creation of student supermajority

With the Sept. 30 deadline approaching, several ASUC officials who lead the push for the creation of a student super-majority district in the city of Berkeley through the city’s redistricting process are continuing to develop their proposal while gathering and incorporating student input. In July, the city began accepting redistricting
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Students must be properly represented

Berkeley is one of the most distinguished, progressive and diverse communities in the world. This is a legacy of which we residents are very proud: Not only is our city home to what is arguably the best public university in the world, we have a defining history of diversity, activism
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Controversy continues in Auxiliary’s realignment

Though the administrative arm of the ASUC began reporting to a different department on campus July 1, little else has changed so far. Aside from its direct change in reporting structure, further effects of the ASUC Auxiliary’s highly debated realignment to the Division of Student Affairs will come later, officials
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A call to action

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The ASUC must lead students in opposition to state leaders’ continual disinvestment in higher education.

On Thursday, state disinvestment forced another fee increase for students of the University of California. Though discussion of further fee increases has been temporarily tabled, students are not in the clear. The regents’ decision to postpone consideration of the “trigger mechanism” that would enact additional fee increases is only a
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ASUC senator-elect arrested in San Bernardino immigration rally

ASUC Senator-elect Ju Hong and six other students were released from jail Wednesday morning after being arrested in San Bernardino on Tuesday for blocking a city street during an immigration rally. Hong, an undocumented student at UC Berkeley, and the six others were charged with unlawful assembly and failure to
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Take back the ASUC

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: We stand with the ASUC in condemning the way in which the ASUC Auxiliary realignment has occurred.

The ASUC has faced many significant issues and challenges over the past few decades, some of the most important of which pertain to the student government’s autonomy. While different groups have each had their fair share of fault, rarely have we seen such a baffling and outrageous change carried out
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Student super-majority district would require charter amendment

The only way to create a student super-majority city council district, which would theoretically allow for the easy election of a student council member, is to amend Berkeley’s city charter, according to city staff. At a small, student-oriented meeting on Thursday night, staff informed those in attendance that the redistricting
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