Birgeneau calls increasing campus autonomy appropriate evolution of UC

In an interview Tuesday, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau responded to criticism of the controversial report he and other campus officials released Monday urging for increased local governance at UC campuses. The proposal — which recommends that campuses be given control over approval of capital projects, academic programs and salaries
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Pathetic partisanship

CAMPUS ISSUES: Student Action’s victory in this year’s ASUC election reveals a worrying complacency in the student government’s attitude.

UC Berkeley alum and former Intel CEO Andrew Grove once said, “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure.” While the ASUC is far from being a failed body, his words hint at a troubling trend very much present in our student government’s party system. On Thursday, it was announced that, for
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Video: Weekly Recap, April 15-22

Many events happened this week at UC Berkeley. Check out this video to see what you might have missed: On Tuesday, Independent Presidential candidate, Buddy Roemer, spoke to UC Berkeley students about his platform. Also, on Tuesday, the UC Berkeley chapter of CalPIRG held a tax day press conference about
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Candidates and their supporters spend long hours campaigning during election season.

ASUC candidates make physical, personal sacrifices for campaigns

CalSERVE Senator Anthony Galace sat eating lunch in front of the Bear’s Lair Food Court in Lower Sproul Plaza Wednesday afternoon, glad to have a moment of normalcy the day before the release of ASUC election results. Galace spent several 20-hour days campaigning for ASUC executive vice president on top
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We don’t need any new saviors

Lack of voting participation and under-representation of certain student groups hinder effectiveness of elected ASUC officials

There are roughly 36,000 students who attend UC Berkeley, 26,000 of whom are undergraduates and 10,000 of whom are graduate students. Our student government, the ASUC, is made up of five executives and 20 senators. These elected students act as representatives of the entire student body. As a result, decisions
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The Lombardo Trophy: David Stern now rules the ASUC

The Lombardo Trophy rarely forays into the realm of reality, preferring instead to focus on those aspects of sports far removed from the consequence of the commonplace. But occasionally real life rears its very real head and butts you square in the jaw. LT received such a blow on Wednesday,
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Video: Weekly Recap, April 5 – April 15

Welcome to the tenth week of our ‘Weekly Recap’ series. This week: Ron Paul spoke to students and community members. The ASUC Senate voted on President Loomba’s Executive Order regarding the V.O.I.C.E. Initiative. Kelly Lin and Tianzong Jiang compiled this video.