Haste makes waste

CAMPUS ISSUES: While the ASUC Senate can and should make ideological stands, it should not spend student money so recklessly.

Students at UC Berkeley share a passion and desire for advancing justice and making wrongs right. Issues like budget cuts often draw attention from the campus community, and the student government plays an important role in expanding support. But the ASUC Senate’s Feb. 7 bill — which reiterated support for
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UCSA Board of Directors votes to explore moving funds out of U.S. Bank

Fueled by a nationwide trend born out of the Occupy movement that encourages a distrust of large corporate banks, the UC Student Association Board of Directors voted unanimously Saturday to look into moving the association’s funds from a large corporate bank to smaller local banks. The bill, which follows similar
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Baby steps

CAMPUS ISSUES: Recent revisions to the student conduct process are useless if administrators keep treating it as a punitive process.

Student protesters expect a certain degree of punishment when they engage in civil disobedience on campus. After all, the peaceful violation of rules is an important part of some demonstration tactics. But that expectation, in years past, was accompanied by an often slow, inefficient and unfair student conduct process at
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OpEd Prop13

A continued struggle for public education

The crisis of the University of California has, of late, come to the forefront of our thoughts and discussions about the role of government in our lives. As the recession plows forward, the state finds itself with less and less money by the day. Funds are divested, year after year,
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An open forum was hosted by the ASUC on Tuesday night, which included writing letters to the UC Regents.

ASUC holds letter-writing campaign aimed at UC regents

ASUC executives and senators gathered in the ASUC Senate Chambers Tuesday night to write handwritten letters to the UC Board of Regents, voicing their opinion against the university budget cuts. ASUC President Vishalli Loomba, Student Action Senator Connor Landgraf, Loomba’s Chief of Staff Sukhpreet Sembhi, Student Action Senator Justin Sayarath
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No longer preoccupied

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Occupy Cal movement has succeeded in galvanizing a diverse range of people on campus. The energy and momentum it has gained cannot end here.

In days since the world witnessed the violence on the UC Berkeley campus by police against protesters, various facets of the campus community have started to come together for higher education. Past movements for this cause have experienced fragmentation — administrators shunning student protest acts and focusing on their own
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