Surviving Girl Scout cookie sales 101

Rising stress levels, cherubic Girl Scouts and notorious college student hunger create a recipe for disaster. Every colorful box of Thin Mints, Caramel deLites and Peanut Butter Patties is a $5 rectangular prism of ecstasy and regret. An unstoppable force that beckons you to buy everything on the table, the
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How to: Fight off allergy season

April showers bring May flowers? More like springtime feels bring all the sniffles. Allergy season is here, everyone, and it’s time to defend ourselves. Before you head to the Golden Bear Cafe and buy 10 boxes of tissues because you can’t stop sneezing when the wind blows, let us help you
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How to avoid campaigners on your walk to class

It’s campaign season. That means friend requests from random people, impersonal Facebook messages, awkward walks to class and even more flyers. Here are some tips for how to avoid just a few of these things. Walk in groups. There is power in numbers. You will find that when you walk
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