By students, for students: Spotlighting the class gifts on campus

From that one iron-oxide-green drinking fountain we see after stumbling out of the wrong end of Dwinelle Hall to the stairs we climb every day when hurrying to class in VLSB to our most recognizable campus(nile) installations, UC Berkeley’s alumni classes have contributed to many aspects that, be they in obscurity, notoriety or majesty, make their mark upon the campus.
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April Fool's pic

Top 5 pranks for April Fools’ Day

Today is our favorite day of the year here at the Clog: April Fools’! It’s the best day to mess with your friends or get revenge on your roommate. And in case you’re short on ideas, we at the Clog have your back with our top five pranks for the
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No need to fear, Underdog Bears are here

In one soon-to-be iconic photo, our very own Sean Goebel captured the essence of Berkeley in one of its finest moments. With heralded professor Robert Reich on the microphone before thousands of listeners, Reich addressed an attentive crowd about the importance of strength, solidarity and the role of public education.
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