Rayanne Piaña/Staff

The closest soup places to campus

Unless you’re from the East Coast or somewhere else that experiences a “real” winter, the California cold has got you feeling some type of way. It might be 65 degrees, but you’re wearing three layers of North Face jackets and sitting in front of your space heater. You’re too cold
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Filter drip coffee with Ethiopian coffee from the Bulga mill, at Local 123. Image by Annie Chang (staff).

Top 4 local coffee shops in the Bay

For those of us who get tired of frequenting Caffe Strada and Cafe Milano and need to spice up our coffee variations, there are more slightly hidden but still outstanding coffee shops in Berkeley and San Francisco that may suit your fancy. 1. Babette Cafe (2625 Durant Avenue, Berkeley) This
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Cranberry crumb bar at the Berkeley Student Food Collective. Photo by Josh Escobar.

4 autumn treats around campus

Blackberries, oranges, grapes and walnuts are all in season. Check out these scrumptious treats that you can have for breakfast or during a study break. All of them cost less than $5 and can be found a block from campus! Mixed berry scones at Babette These gluten-free scones, available on
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