Isabel is … Hosting a Pool Party

Exploring the Bay

Nothing signals the arrival of a long Californian summer like a pool party. At the first opportunity barbecues sizzle, sunscreen is slathered onto resisting children and beers are chilled for the grown-ups. No parties are more meticulously planned than those on the Fourth of July. For my family, the day
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Justin Knight_Online

Baby fever

Ambivalent shrugs at the question of parenthood soon became “babies sicken me” and then turned into “I’d kill to have a kid.”
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50 thoughts on an airplane

While on a plane, we’re surrounded by 300 strangers who are also 35,000 feet above the ground in a tiny chair with little legroom and no Internet access. All of these things, especially the lack of Internet access, are sure to make our minds wander and force us to contemplate
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tom, baby


My name is Tom Edmondson, and I am an adult baby. I know what you’re thinking: “How can you be a baby if you’re 20 years old?” This is exactly the kind of ignorance I deal with on a regular basis. Many of you think “baby” is defined by one’s
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I carry Syria in my heart

I hesitated before writing this piece, because, once again, I was going to write about Syria. If you go to my author page on the Daily Cal website, you would find that 11 of my 14 Daily Cal pieces speak of Syria in some way. So when I sat down
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