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Crispy corned beef hash

On one very late Wednesday night, I sat squished in between good friends, tucked away in the plush couch cushions. Clutching a bowl of pomegranate seeds in one hand and a spoon in the other, I sank further and further into the sofa as my mind reeled over Alton Brown’s mad scientist-esque
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Recipes for April: Grilled Cheese Month

If you don’t all know (but how can you not?), April is National Grilled Cheese Month. So take a break from stressing and embrace what is the wonderful concoction of gooeyness and a bit of crunch: the grilled cheese. Whether you’re into the simplicity of the sandwich electric grill and
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Mini kale mushroom quiche

Before coming to college, I had no idea how many eggs I would eat here. It’s not something I had ever thought about: how cheap eggs are in comparison to most meat. Then suddenly, I realized eating meat with the majority of my meals was a luxury that could not
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Image by Dinner Series under Creative Commons.

DIY project: Homemade bacon!

What goes well with hearty breakfasts? Bacon. What is essential in BLT sandwiches? Bacon. What’s not the epitome of healthy but shamelessly and insanely good that a huge part of America’s population is simply infatuated with it? BACON. Are you salivating yet? And above all – what is better than
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