How to make your own fall staycation

The idea of a fall break is bewildering to us UC Berkeley students. What is rest? What is relaxation? What is fun? Swimming through a sea of papers, midterms and homework, we’re drowning in academia. With almost 10 weeks of school done without a break, the upcoming three-day weekend is a
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scone ingredients

Easy eggless scone recipe

When it’s Sunday morning, I often want to get creative for breakfast but don’t want to spend a lot of time actually cooking or shopping for fancy ingredients. I get tired of eating cereal and end up imagining myself eating a freshly baked scone with my cup of English Breakfast
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smore oreo marshmellow

A taste of campfire

Imagine this: you’re in the mountains, gazing up at the stars. They glisten in the midnight-blue sky. You’re surrounded by nothing but the universe, trees at tall as skyscrapers and your closest friends. You feel the warmth of the campfire. Nothing else could make this better — except for some
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Rainbow cupcake recipe

The statement “good things come in small packages” must be talking about cupcakes. Whether it be at birthday bashes or lax pool parties, these mini cakes are always welcome. Why conform to conventional colored cupcakes when you can impress with rainbow ones? We at the Clog have created a fun
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sushi manpuku

Food and friends

We really love eating and making food here at the Daily Clog. The only thing we might enjoy more than eating and making food is eating and making food with good company. In the summer, there’s plenty of extra time to try new things and spend more time with people.
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Blueberry lemon cake

While baking simple cookies and other quick bites during the semester may have been enough to satisfy our sweet tooth, with summer upon us, we at the Clog know we can get more complicated. But what should you make on your next lazy weekend? Luckily, we have an idea. Blueberries and
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Kitchen essentials every student should have

As the semester winds down, we find ourselves scrambling to find places to live for the upcoming summer and school year. In the midst of all the boxes of clothes, furniture and office supplies, the last thing we college students remember to do is stock our future kitchen with cookware,
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Cinnamon roll waffles

Here at Eating Berkeley, we’re all about simplicity and food hacks. We love cinnamon rolls, but you know what’s even better than a cinnamon roll? A cinnamon roll waffle! They don’t require much effort or many ingredients, so what’s stopping you from making them right this instant? What you’ll need:
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