Rally on Sproul Plaza supports affirmative action

More than 100 students from UC Berkeley and Oakland High School gathered on Sproul Plaza at noon today to protest in support of restoring affirmative action. Students marched from Sproul Plaza and went around Memorial Glade and gathered again on Sproul chanting slogans and holding banners that read “Defend Affermative
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A forum on Affernative Action was held in a classroom in Wurster Hall.

Coalition discusses overturning Proposition 209

A pro-affirmative action coalition hosted a forum Tuesday night to address the legal issues of a lawsuit it has filed against Proposition 209 — a California law that bans public institutions from considering race, sex and ethnicity in, among other things, the college admissions process. Shanta Driver, lead attorney for
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Gov. Brown’s veto doesn’t end struggle

The situation in the University of California is at a crisis point, and everything must be done to increase underrepresented minority student enrollment now. Gov. Jerry Brown should have signed SB 185, which allowed public universities to consider race and gender in admissions to increase underrepresented minority student enrollment. However,
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Let conversation rise

CAMPUS ISSUES: The bake sale and other demonstrations Tuesday created conversation on campus, but the dialogue must not end now.

On a campus where conflicting ideologies often result in contention and clashes, the results of the demonstrations Tuesday were pleasantly surprising. The bake sale and the counter-protest spurred conversation and civil demonstrations. Threats of violence against the Berkeley College Republicans were not realized, and opposing groups avoided aggressive confrontation. Upper
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Shawn Lewis (center), the president of the Berkeley College Republicans, and former UC Regent Ward Connerly (behind Lewis) support the ‘Increase Diversity Bake Sale.’ The bake sale aimed to satirize SB 185 — affirmative action-like legislation — through a proposed price structure based on race and sex.

Affirmative action debate heats up over bake sale

When two girls dressed as Native Americans approached the “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” table on Tuesday for free cupcakes, Andy Nevis, the executive director of the Berkeley College Republicans, told them that the costumes were not necessary to get the cupcakes at a lower price. But the sale’s stratified price
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Opponents of the Berkeley College Republicans' Increase Diversity bake sale stand on Upper Sproul Plaza.

Demonstration on Sproul Plaza ends with shouts of protest

While water bottles and sunscreen were in ample supply for demonstrators lying in protest on Sproul Plaza, due to heat, the event came to an end an hour earlier than planned. The demonstrators stood up together at 1 p.m., huddled around demonstration leader Salih Muhammad in the middle of Sproul
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Chancellor Robert Birgeneau at a protest where demonstrators urged California government to complete the passage of the second half of the DREAM Act.

Activist group urges Gov. Brown to pass DREAM Act

A small group of demonstrators bearing signs and chanting slogans gathered in front of California Hall today, demanding that Gov. Jerry Brown sign AB 131, otherwise known as the second part of California DREAM Act. Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Harry Le Grande briefly addressed the
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