The sum of a band

Subtlety, of course, is the enemy of “rules,” those one-size-fits-all, dictatorial commandments that ensure that all over the country, newspapers are using the same style and process for sharing information. I understand the need for these rules, and most of the time, it saves a lot of confusion.
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Game day through the eyes of a Cal Bandsman

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, Game Days! Full of drunken revelry and, of course, lots of Cal pride, game days definitely make us proud to be Golden Bears (even if we don’t always win the actual game). But, there are plenty of students who don’t
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Photo Essay: Touring with SWIMMERS

Last week, I ditched nine lectures and five discussions to go to Australia. My band SWIMMERS was given the opportunity to play at a music festival that toured through Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. While about half of my journal entries read, “slept on the floor last night. I am
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Oakland quartet Trails and Ways makes political dream pop

Keith Brown’s favorite novel is Greil Marcus’ “Lipstick Traces.” In the subdued, understated manner that is his hallmark, he claimed that it taught him to reject everything he had ever known and embrace the philosophy of punk rock at the age of 17. A rather odd statement, coming from a
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