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The xx ages with grace on latest album ‘I See You’

Since the release of the xx’s near-perfect debut, 2009’s eponymous xx, and its fine sequel, 2012’s Coexist, the xx left and re-entered a pop space that has undergone a drastic tonal shift that they’ve helped to pioneer. There are acts like the Chainsmokers, who pilfered the hazy romantic chords of
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Treasure Island Music Festival Recap

This past weekend, Treasure Island Music Festival brought a relaxed experience filled with musicians ranging from electronica to hip-hop and indie rock alike. With a stunning view of the city and captivating performances, the festival was its own little party in the middle of the Bay. CHET FAKER Electronica musician
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Tunesday: Inspired by Treasure Island Music Festival!

For those of you who think music-festival season is over, you’re wrong. Treasure Island Music Festival is one of the best festivals in the Bay and, better yet, is on a beautiful man-made island off the coast of San Francisco. The 36-artist lineup is separated by its artists’ associated genres
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Tunesday: European Electro

Although the US gave rise to the likes of Diplo, Kaskade and Moby, it simply does not stack up with the flocks of producers spilling out of Europe. Everywhere from Scandinavia to the UK to Central Europe acts as a breeding ground for up-and-coming DJs. Therefore, this Tunesday brings you
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Tunesday: A Cure for June Gloom

With Karl the Fog’s return to The Bay, the reign of June Gloom has officially commenced. Take that time to become a hermit for a minute and recover from the sunburn you probably have from the first days of summer. Or maybe head out of The Bay and settle in
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Rising R&B star transcends hype through substance

The last time the Internet was buzzing about the next Fiona Apple, the world was “rewarded” with Lana Del Rey, a stage persona that should be considered the vocal equivalent of falling asleep during sex. The only thing more laughable than her album are her live performances, as any “SNL”
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Tunesday- Femme Fatalented

This past week, a major record label made an incredibly sexist joke on their Facebook and Twitter.  Furthermore, once the backlash occurred, they didn’t seem to believe they did anything wrong.  This made me take a deeper look, particularly in the EDM scene at the discrimination against female acts.  Some
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