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3 days: the weight of time in Europe

Arts Abroad

As I look back, I realize that the synthesis of these three trips is my interaction with time. Three days will never be enough to truly experience any city’s art and culture. But the time intrinsic within that art and culture allows one to have a deep connection to those cities’ space.
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Catalonian croquetas

After spending a majority of my summer in southern Andalusia, I became accustomed to eating shawarma daily and sipping tea nightly. Since moving to Barcelona, I have become personally invested in tapas too, and in croquetas in particular. These little fried bits are popular throughout Spain, and I have fallen into
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Beautiful Barcelona

A city ruled by the friendly people, beautiful architecture and incredible cuisine, Barcelona is a hotspot for any Spanish vacation; though Spanish isn’t exactly spoken in Barcelona. That was our first realization as my family attempted to chat up our cab driver from the airport. We learned that the natives
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The culture of Barcelona

A fellow traveler in Barcelona revealed to me that Barcelona was probably his favorite capital city. I was confused: I know the capital of Spain is Madrid, and I was in Spain, right? Wrong. Barcelona as a city, although geographically and politically located in Spain, is insistent in its independence
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Life lessons from Barcelona

The thing about going from London to Barcelona in July is that you don’t realize that you’d forgotten what heat really feels like. Even late at night, I might as well have stepped off the plane and into a sauna. Summers in London are mild and cloudy. Needless to say, that’s
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To catch a champions match

It’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to a day as much I’m looking forward to June 6. No, I am not going on a date with that cute girl in my club. No, I am not going on vacation to Cabo. I’m not even finally going to
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