If a compromise to renew contracts for AC Transit and BART workers can't be settled by July 1, both transit systems will be shut down due to a strike.

BART workers announce strike

Contracts for both BART and AC Transit union workers are up for renewal at the end of the month, and if the five BART unions and an AC Transit union, do not come to an agreement with their employers by Sunday night, both services could be suspended. More than 400,000 commuters take BART every day and 200,000 take AC Transit. A strike by workers from one company could place a heavy burden on the other.
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13-06-23 5 Crimes Dumber Than Grand Theft Lettering

5 crimes dumber than grand theft lettering

We’ve all had some experience with grand theft in our lifetimes. Oh, you haven’t? What about that time you were a small schemer plotting to steal that last piece of cake from the fridge as soon as everyone else had gone to sleep? Or when you moved on to stealing cars
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The cost of transit

Broke in Berkeley

“So how long does it take you to get to school?” I get asked this more often than what my major is or what my plans are after graduation. When I tell people I live an hour away, they usually guess that I drive and park somewhere near campus. I
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5 p.m. BART: a commuter’s mission

Where would we be without BART? We would all be suffocating to death within the Berkeley bubble. Without BART, we wouldn’t be able to conveniently embark on our San Francisco explorations or adventure to other Bay Area destinations. But the story changes as soon as 5 p.m. rolls around — that’s
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Downtown Shattuck: shaped by buses, ferries and trains

Downtown Shattuck Avenue has undergone several generations of mass transit, the relics and pieces of which are integrated into the restaurants there today. In the pioneering days, the mile-long pier that once docked ferries to and from San Francisco dropped off passengers at Center and Shattuck. Now Center Street is
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College rules versus house rules

Those of you living in Berkeley this summer have ahead of you a laid-back version of a regular semester. And, unless your parents missed you so much they decided to camp out in your apartment for the summer, chances are that you can stay out as late as you want
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Getting around Berkeley

Commuting Although perfect for grocery shopping, owning a car in Berkeley can be a hassle when dealing with traffic and parking. Student campus permits can run up to $327 per semester, and if you’re lucky enough to score street parking, watch out for the city’s parking enforcement officers, as they
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The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Tiburon-Angel Island ferry.

5 prime Bay Area vacation spots

Berkeley is a great place to hang out and many people come here to tour on vacation. But believe it or not, there is plenty more to the Bay Area and Nor Cal than our university. (Mind-boggling, right?) So if you’re living in Berkeley this summer, you should consider traveling
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Our CalSO memories, Clog style

The Cal Student Orientation is your first impression of the incredible smarts and urban eccentricity that is Berkeley. We at the Clog sure haven’t forgotten our own CalSO experiences. If you’ve already had your CalSO years and years ago, we hope you’ll find something you can relate to in our
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