New BART cars on track to arrive in 2014

Gritty carpets and stained fabric seats greet commuters who step inside Bay Area Rapid Transit train cars. It can be difficult to hear the conductor announce the next stop, and when the trains are crowded, difficult to discern at which station the train is arriving. But BART officials promise this
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BART adopts cellphone disruption policy

Following controversy over Bay Area Rapid Transit officials’ decision to cut all cellphone communication at multiple stations in August to prevent a protest, BART Board of Directors adopted a policy this week to only interrupt service under “extraordinary circumstances.” At its meeting Thursday, the board approved a policy that defined
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Many BART seats show signs of wear and tear.

BART board approves funding for new vinyl seats

A portion of the wool seats in BART cars — many of which are stained, ugly and smell unpleasant — will be replaced with more sanitary and aesthetically pleasing cushioned vinyl seats in the upcoming months. As part of ongoing interior upgrades, the BART Board of Directors voted Thursday to
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UC Office of the President to shut down in response to Oakland protests

The University of California Office of the President in Oakland will be closed tomorrow and employees will work from home in response to the general strike organized by Occupy Oakland protesters, according to UCOP Media Relations Director Steve Montiel. The office is located two blocks from the intersection of 14th
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Delaying judgment

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: BART’s idea to extend service Friday and delay trains Saturday would benefit students but could have bad effects.

With BART considering a plan to extend Friday night hours and delay services on Saturday, we are excited about the implications for students, but we acknowledge that the plan could present setbacks. Students inevitably wonder how they will return home when traveling across the Bay, and BART train schedules can
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Power outage Tuesday delays BART commuters

Authorities closed the Downtown Berkeley Bay Area Rapid Transit station Tuesday after a power outage hit the Downtown area, preventing commuters from stopping at or leaving the station for almost two hours. About 1,150 customers were affected when an underground cable failed just before 4 p.m. near the intersection of
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