Federal transportation cuts could derail local transit plans

Proposed cuts to federal transportation across the country would undoubtedly adversely affect Bay Area local services such as Caltrain, BART and AC Transit. Even though the U.S. House of Representatives is working on a bill that could cut up to 34 percent of federal funding to public transportation, Senator Barbara
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Bill could keep repeat offenders out of BART stations

Those planning to join the weekly protests held at Bay Area Rapid Transit stations across the Bay Area may need to rethink their decision should Gov. Jerry Brown sign a bill currently on his desk. Authored by Assemblymember Roger Dickinson, D–Sacramento, AB 716  would empower authorities to prohibit repeat offenders
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Ashley Chen

Five recent protests cost BART about $300,000 total

Recent protests against Bay Area Rapid Transit have not only been taxing on commuters but also on the transportation agency itself, which paid personnel about $300,000 for working overtime during five protests in July and August, according to Bob Franklin, president of BART’s Board of Directors, The Bay Citizen reported
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Media cannot be caged

BART suggests creating a “media area” during protests, but it is not the role of police to protect reporters in this way.

The role of a journalist is not to obstruct but to remain a fly on the wall and a diligent observer. A reporter’s primary objective is to disseminate accurate accounts of current events to the public, and to inform without bias. But to restrict a reporter’s ability to follow the
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BART is considering a 30-minute extension to its Friday night service and thereby a 20-minute delay on Saturday mornings.

BART officials propose designating area for reporters at protests

Following the detention of at least six journalists at a protest Thursday, Bay Area Rapid Transit officials have proposed new guidelines for media that would create a designated area in the station for reporters to cover protests. The idea is to have reporters stand behind a line to ensure their
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BART to increase security for anniversary of 9/11

As part of a project called Operation RAILSAFE, Bay Area Rapid Transit is increasing its security presence at its stations and parking lots in recognition of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. The operation — which is designed to coordinate deployments of law enforcement officers from Contra Costa, Alameda and San
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Grace Crunican was selected as BART's new General Manager.

BART board appoints new general manager

Bay Area Rapid Transit appointed Grace Crunican, a transportation professional who formerly worked for the Clinton administration, to be its new general manager at a special board meeting Wednesday. BART’s Board of Directors voted 8-1 in favor of Crunican, whose new duties will include managing capital budgets totaling about $1.4
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Air quality district offers $4 million to promote decreased vehicle use

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the regional government agency that regulates sources of air pollution, is offering $4 million for ride sharing or shuttle services that promote decreased vehicle use. As part of its efforts to diminish local air pollution, the air district will review applications and distribute
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