Happy Birthday BART

Immutable Orange

This September, BART celebrated its 40th anniversary. Besides a reason to celebrate BART for free ice cream giveaways and a promotion giving away 1,000 $40 BART tickets, it is interesting to look back and see how the role of the public in public transportation has changed in the United States
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Fire near West Oakland BART station cuts off transbay service

A fire that broke out near an Oakland BART station early Thursday morning halted train service between the East Bay and San Francisco, forcing commuters to seek alternate means of transportation while workers hurry to fix the damaged tracks. Officials reported that a fire broke out around 2:15 a.m. at a
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BART’s Board of Directors deemed the agency’s decision to cut cellphone service disproportionate at a special meeting.

BART to vote on $1.5 billion contract for new cars

Bay Area Rapid Transit’s staff recommended that its Board of Directors sign a $1.5 billion dollar contract for the next generation of trains at its board meeting Thursday. BART will be replacing the current trains because they have been in continuous use since 1972 and are the oldest in America.
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‘Sup Bay Are-uh

Savage Heart Murmurs

Let’s go to East Oakland — home of the hyphy movement, Oakland’s criminal notoriety and the smartest and chillest six-year-olds I’ve ever met.Twice a week this past semester isn’t enough. I’ve been working at a public elementary school in East Oakland, soothing the insecure cool out of first grade boys
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BART could add new trains, increase service

In addition to its ongoing multibillion-dollar project to replace all its train cars, Bay Area Rapid Transit could soon see extended service hours and upgrades to existing cars. In a meeting Thursday, BART’s Board of Directors reviewed the budget for fiscal year 2013 and — in expectation of an increase
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