Delaying judgment

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: BART’s idea to extend service Friday and delay trains Saturday would benefit students but could have bad effects.

With BART considering a plan to extend Friday night hours and delay services on Saturday, we are excited about the implications for students, but we acknowledge that the plan could present setbacks. Students inevitably wonder how they will return home when traveling across the Bay, and BART train schedules can
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Power outage Tuesday delays BART commuters

Authorities closed the Downtown Berkeley Bay Area Rapid Transit station Tuesday after a power outage hit the Downtown area, preventing commuters from stopping at or leaving the station for almost two hours. About 1,150 customers were affected when an underground cable failed just before 4 p.m. near the intersection of
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BART is considering a 30-minute extension to its Friday night service and thereby a 20-minute delay on Saturday mornings.

BART considers extending Friday night service

Following the failure of a similar proposal in June, BART is considering extending its hours Friday nights and delaying service on Saturday mornings. Because public input showed that Saturday delays would have adversely affected low-income and minority passengers, the BART Board of Directors deferred the previous proposal, which would have
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Federal transportation cuts could derail local transit plans

Proposed cuts to federal transportation across the country would undoubtedly adversely affect Bay Area local services such as Caltrain, BART and AC Transit. Even though the U.S. House of Representatives is working on a bill that could cut up to 34 percent of federal funding to public transportation, Senator Barbara
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