‘Sup Bay Are-uh

Savage Heart Murmurs

Let’s go to East Oakland — home of the hyphy movement, Oakland’s criminal notoriety and the smartest and chillest six-year-olds I’ve ever met.Twice a week this past semester isn’t enough. I’ve been working at a public elementary school in East Oakland, soothing the insecure cool out of first grade boys
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BART could add new trains, increase service

In addition to its ongoing multibillion-dollar project to replace all its train cars, Bay Area Rapid Transit could soon see extended service hours and upgrades to existing cars. In a meeting Thursday, BART’s Board of Directors reviewed the budget for fiscal year 2013 and — in expectation of an increase
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Getting bang for your buck

V.O.I.C.E. Initiative supports new journalism

I remember sitting in the Daily Cal’s conference room during the fall semester of 2008. I was gathered there with my fellow sportswriters for our bi-weekly meeting. At the end of the meeting, the sports editor at the time, Matt, said that he had some bad news to share with
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BART to seek input on fare increases

The Bay Area Rapid Transit District will seek community input next month about upping ticket prices, an increase aimed at generating approximately $5 million in new revenue for the upcoming fiscal year. BART has proposed three different models to implement the fee increases, which are set to take effect in
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BART sees near record ridership numbers over weekend

With the westbound Bay Bridge closed this weekend, Bay Area travelers packed on to BART, resulting in near-record ridership numbers. Unofficial numbers — from a BART press release sent out Monday morning — put Sunday’s ridership at approximately 178,000 people. This is tens of thousands higher than the previous Sunday
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California must go full steam ahead

It is rare that students get to be part of a visionary transportation project that will fundamentally change the future of their state. That is the opportunity that we have, today, as high-speed rail — a train that will shuttle Californians between downtown San Francisco and Union Station in Los
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BART unveils new community-based policing structure

Under fire after an audit report questioned its use of force and organization, the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department unveiled plans Tuesday for a zoning structure that aims to reduce crime. BART’s new Zone Geographical Policing Structure is the department’s most recent answer to recommendations made by the 2011
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Haste makes waste

CAMPUS ISSUES: While the ASUC Senate can and should make ideological stands, it should not spend student money so recklessly.

Students at UC Berkeley share a passion and desire for advancing justice and making wrongs right. Issues like budget cuts often draw attention from the campus community, and the student government plays an important role in expanding support. But the ASUC Senate’s Feb. 7 bill — which reiterated support for
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Students stand in solidarity against Proposition 209

SAN FRANCISCO — Middle school, high school and college students — including some from UC Berkeley — united in protest Monday as the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reviewed a lawsuit against Proposition 209. Dozens of students bearing signs in front of the courthouse voiced their opposition to the
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