2 former Bears excelling in minor leagues

Second-round selection Brett Cumberland has been the sole proprietor of media attention this season attention among the alumni of Cal baseball in the minor leagues, but former teammates Robbie Tenerowicz and Ryan Mason have quietly put together strong individual seasons and are on the verge of moving on up. Tenerowicz,
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Pinch that loaf

Though it’s an extremely tough pill to swallow, this trade was exactly what the Oakland Athletic franchise needed to ensure its success in three years and beyond. Executive vice president Billy Beane recently came out saying that the A’s are abandoning their “retool” method of trading and are instead going into full rebuild mode to focus on bringing up a young core team for years to come.
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Baseball doesn’t need to be faster

Instead of trying to become something it’s not, the MLB should embrace the fact that it is a sport unlike any other. It should focus on continuing to cultivate the excitement around its new young players instead of trying to make the game a few minutes faster.
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Cal baseball to take on Northwestern

The Cal baseball team (25-18, 11-13 Pac-12) made national news last weekend, but not for reasons you might expect. Before Friday’s game against Stanford, a staff member tossed a pipe into the air, and as it fell, pitcher Ryan Mason threw a baseball right through it. Not just any pipe,
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Hold out hope for baseball

In the coming months, the two players that have defined my sports fandom are retiring. I imagine you’ve read a pretty good amount about Kobe’s retirement tour, so I won’t add to the pile. The other player is David Ortiz, the slugging soul of three Red Sox championships, who is
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