New bathroom for general public opens in South Berkeley

A new public-use, disabled-accessible, portable bathroom was installed in a city parking lot near Alcatraz Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way on Friday after the city received pressure from a nearby homeless encampment organized by the advocacy group First They Came for the Homeless, along with local neighborhood residents and merchants.
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How to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in class

You trudge into class when even the birds aren’t up, but your body’s on autopilot. You have your usual thermos of French-pressed coffee, but the caffeine refuses to kick in. You contemplated skipping class this morning, but the thought of wasted tuition got you out of bed. How can you
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Thoughts you have when revisiting high school

No matter how many years it’s been since you graduated from high school, the majority of us have found ourselves revisiting these old, familiar grounds for many reasons. For some of us, these visits stem from nostalgic, bittersweet memories of old friends, while others miss the teachers that nurtured and taught them to
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Photo Essay: Poems in the stalls

The public restroom stall: a paradoxical space that exists with the explicit purpose of providing privacy yet is public in both nature and name. Used and shared by all, these chambers provide an otherwise unattainable amount of privacy on a college campus with almost 40,000 students. Perhaps this is why
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Inspirational quotes from campus bathrooms

As a unique, anonymous platform for art and communication, bathroom graffiti can be many things — though it is, for the most part, messy, inflammatory and opinionated. Plastered across nearly every stall on campus from the third floor of Wheeler Hall to the notorious Doe Library, bathroom graffiti serves as a source of
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How to interact in the residence hall bathrooms

It’s just another day when you walk into the bathroom and feel relieved to find that you can finally brush your teeth in peace without anyone in there loudly peeing or loudly singing a Spice Girls song. And then, not even 30 seconds later, alas, someone else walks in to brush their
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Surviving the shared showers

So you’ve unpacked, settled in and are starting to figure out your classes. By now you’ve made friends and joined a few clubs. Hopefully the campus is beginning to feel a bit more familiar every time you walk through the gates. You might even have a favorite coffee shop or a
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