bill murrray asshole

How to be less of an asshole

Sometimes we are douchebags. Sometimes it’s because of the heat; sometimes it’s because we’re stressed. Maybe you’re just an asshole. But if someone hasn’t already told you this, people don’t really like being friends with assholes. If you’re having trouble being less of one, here are few tips to help
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Baths gets whimsical at Great American Music Hall

L.A.-based artist proves that electronic shows can be just as vibrant

When one pictures the face of San Francisco Pride, it probably isn’t round and slightly chubby with glasses, but Will Wiesenfeld represented all the same. “Is it Pride or something?” he yelled to those in the crowd, many of whom had just come from Pink Saturday in the Castro to
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Baths: Obsidian

If Baths’ Cerulean — released in 2010 — was a poppy, pastel love song, Obsidian is its antithesis, full of sharp edges, a glossy and enigmatic ode to suffering. The stage moniker of Will Wiesenfeld, Baths wrote much of Obsidian after an incapacitating bout with E. coli, resulting in an
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Tunesday: Daughter Days

Jhameel x DWNTWN x Giraffage – Move Me GO BEARS. For those of you who don’t know, up-and-comers Jhameel and Giraffage both went to UC Berkeley. Giraffage and Robert Cepeda (from DWNTWN) were roommates at one point in San Jose. This collaboration was bound to happen, just like Jay-Z and
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Playlist of the week: spring cleaning!

Spring has finally sprung here around Berkeley. It’s visible from the pleasant — or perhaps not so pleasant — April showers and the beautiful sunny days soaking up sun on the Glade. And as the old adage goes (well, paraphrased!), spring is the time to clean. For some, it’s literal cleaning. (Hint:
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