Southern California: beaches galore

You can tell you’re getting closer to the beach once the pedestrians you pass are wearing fewer and fewer articles of clothing. Suddenly, shirtless men abound, and loose T-shirts ending just below the backside are all girls need to throw on top of their bikinis. This perfectly toned, tanned, scantily
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Your Fourth of July fireworks guide for the Bay Area

American skies will be clouded in a red, white and blue haze this Independence Day, and ours in the Golden State are no exception. The launching of fireworks is a quintessential tradition, started by none other than Founding Father John Adams himself. In lieu of his hope for “Illuminations from
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Queer artists encourage booing at SOMArts show

Bay Area performers present new works on the theme of 'This Is What I Hate'

On the first Tuesday of every month, SOMArts presents The News, a series in which queer Bay Area artists perform new theater pieces. This month’s edition saw the artists ironically dedicating their segments to what they hate most. The audience was encouraged to shout calls of disdain rather than applaud
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Do you have Bear Fever?

There’s a strange epidemic striking many Cal Bears right now. They’ve been breathing heavier, sweating more and are seeming rather lethargic. Why? As temperatures rise in their places of origin, Bears who finally acclimated to their Bay Area environment must adapt yet again to warmer weather. While this phenomenon has
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From the Midwest to the Bay

Transitioning to life in Berkeley can be anxiety-inducing but also exhilarating

Halfway through my undergraduate career, I’ve tried to reflect upon how I have personally grown since I first came to Cal. But I realize I cannot quantify the differences between the person that arrived on this campus two years ago, straight from the Midwest — where I had lived my
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