Gender and other side effects

Work in Progress

Nancy Drew, for all her feminist merits, is more or less the “ideal” woman, complete with neatly ironed skirts and a loving boyfriend — both things that I could not see myself ever being interested in, although I did have eyes for her.
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The St Andrews 7: Representing the UC in Scotland

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with the United Kingdom. Growing up hearing stories about Scotland from my parents, I was eager to embrace the culture of royalty, Jane Austen and “The Great British Baking Show.” I drank tea, watched the BBC, listened to radio theater (“Cabin
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Keep calm and diversify on

I’m getting tired of BBC. As much as I bemoan the painfully slow progress America makes in terms of diversity on the small screen, we still do it best. Yes, relative to our neighbors across the pond, who have the most comparable television market, our diversity efforts are far more
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Why all the hubbub for the royal baby?

Unless you don’t have access to the Internet, a television or old-fashioned gossipy gawkers, you know that a baby boy was born to Prince William and Duchess Catherine on Monday, to the great excitement of the entire world. It seems like an awful lot of frenzy over a baby that
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In an old episode of the NBC sitcom “30 Rock,” Jack Donaghy, an ambitious TV exec, informs the writers of the fictional show-within-a-show that they will be forced to incorporate products from the NBC-Universal’s portable microwave division into their sketches. Liz Lemon, the head writer, refuses to stoop so low
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