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How to make new friends in your classes

You’ve finally made it through your first week of classes here at Cal, and you can’t help but wonder how in the world you’ll ever have time to make the friendships that’ll last a lifetime. We at the Clog have you covered.
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Education 101

Back to Straya

While the semester is well underway at UC Berkeley with round two of midterms creeping up, in Sydney classes have barely begun. Although it may now only be week two for me, it’s all I’ve needed to notice how different the American and Australian systems are. Block schedules Everyone brags when
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Feature DMs

Going down in the DMs

These days it appears that everyone walking through campus is armed with an iPhone or some sort of savvy technological device. These new innovations also bring new apps that consequently impact our social behaviors here at UC Berkeley. With the rise of social media and dating apps in mind, we
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