Neil McClintick

Transferring is inherently political

Community-less College

Two years ago, I cried on the steps of De Anza College. I felt ashamed by the realization that I was a part of the single-digit percentage of Cupertino students who ended up going to community college. My internalization of this stigma knew no bounds — I would hide my
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sitting bears 2

What kind of bear is best?

When Jim Halpert asks Dwight this question in “The Office,” he’s only baiting Dwight into another one of his pranks. But had he asked a UC Berkeley student, what should their answer be? It turns out Oski’s not even real, so the only bears on campus are statues. In order
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Best items to buy at Bear Market

As we near the end of the semester, quite a few of us are realizing that we have way too many meal points left, probably because of all those times we opted for Artichoke Basille’s pizza or boba rather than going to the dining halls. Since it would be such
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emoji clothes

Quiz: Which Berkeley-themed emoji are you?

Props to Apple for creating an emoji that sums up basically every emotion we feel as college students better than we can even say in words. We at the Clog also appreciate the emojis that we assume were created specifically for UC Berkeley students, such as the bear and the
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Letters: June 10 – June 17

“BareStage” was first “Bear Stage” I read with some interest the article in The Daily  Californian by Jessica Pena on the the founding of BareStage Productions. I cannot speak to what Ben Rimalower found at Cal in 1994, but I can assure that “Bear Stage” existed as an ASUC-supported musical
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