Cal vs. Washington State football shootaround

What’s the path forward for the offense after having seemingly fallen apart? Austin Isaacsohn: The offense needs to protect Bowers, even if it takes seven guys hanging back to protect the quarterback. Sending out three routes, seeing no one and throwing it away is a hell of a lot better
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It’s going to get ugly

It’s hard to know exactly what to take from No. 6 Washington on Saturday night 38-7 blowout of Cal football. Making too much of any individual’s play when the entire Bears squad was so clearly overmatched seems like a mistake, but I can say one thing for sure: the expectations
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Cal football must stop the bleeding

It wasn’t too long ago that Justin Wilcox led Cal football to a 3-0 start through what was generally ranked as the hardest schedule in FBS football. It’s hardly been a week since the Bears were leading a top-five team at home! But all of a sudden, the promising start
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Ole Miss football shootaround

Who’s got to step up on defense? Vikram Muller: Defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter and the front seven. After a passive three quarters against Weber State, Cal finally started to blitz late and with decent success. De Ruyter should cautiously utilize this a bit more than he has this season. With
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