Vote Ben Gould for City Council District 4 seat

After dealing with the same issues time and time again, from homelessness to the plight of small businesses, Berkeley City Council needs a fresh face to offer creative solutions. That face is Ben Gould. Gould, at 25, is significantly younger and less experienced with Berkeley politics than his primary opponent,
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Ben Gould provides student representation to city council

This month, students have a chance to elect the first student to Berkeley City Council in more than 30 years. That’s why we, the external affairs vice presidents of the ASUC and the Graduate Assembly, proudly endorse Ben Gould for City Council. For residents of Berkeley’s Downtown District 4, a
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Kate Harrison the only candidate who will solve the housing crisis

On Monday, ballots started arriving for a special election in Berkeley’s City Council District 4, which encompasses Downtown Berkeley and surrounding areas. The vacancy for this seat is a result of affordable housing champion and former District 4 councilmember Jesse Arreguin being sworn in as mayor. In deciding who to
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