Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue: A 24/7 lifestyle

  The vision of a more lively late-night commercial atmosphere on Telegraph Avenue to complement students’ and community members’ nontraditional workday is a dream that has been brewing since 2007. In the last few months, that dream has built up steam, with more merchants latching onto the idea of transforming
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Some in ASUC support creation of student supermajority

With the Sept. 30 deadline approaching, several ASUC officials who lead the push for the creation of a student super-majority district in the city of Berkeley through the city’s redistricting process are continuing to develop their proposal while gathering and incorporating student input. In July, the city began accepting redistricting
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Community members raise concern over equal representation in city redistricting

As Berkeley’s redistricting process continues to advance, concern has been raised about whether the rules established in the city charter affect equal representation of minority voters and therefore violate the federal Voting Rights Act, though city officials said there are no credible claims yet. Students and redistricting campaign coordinators spoke
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Warm water pool set for December closure

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in a three-part series on the city budget. Lee Nelson, a retired Rockridge area resident, stood in the shallow end of Berkeley’s warm water pool on a Wednesday evening, his thin hands gripped around a swim noodle, basking in the heated waters. Nelson,
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redistricting oped.illustration.nicole lim

Students deserve to be represented on City Council

This year, Californians have a lot on their plate. Zooming in on the map just a bit more, though, highlights a city with a hefty agenda of its own. The release of the 2010 census presents Berkeley with a revolutionary opportunity that comes along only once every ten years: redrawing
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A man walks by the Berkeley Patients Care Collective, one of the city’s three dispensaries.

City medical cannabis commission to develop policy guidelines

At the oft-delayed first meeting of the city’s reconstituted Medical Cannabis Commission Thursday, commission members made it clear they plan to develop guidelines for local medical marijuana policies in the interest of cannabis patients, despite unfavorable signals regarding marijuana from the federal government. The commission is charged with establishing a
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Seniors take a class at the South Berkeley Senior Center, which consolidated its programs to offset cuts to the Housing and Community Services Department.

Senior centers consolidate with new budget

Editor’s note: This is the first installment in a three-part series on the city budget. Theresa Holman would probably be spending her afternoons at home watching reruns of the Oprah Winfrey Show on television were she not at the South Berkeley Senior Center. Holman, 76, started coming to the center
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A’Cuppa Tea was allowed to move to another district despite the quota this would exceed.

City Council vote upholds contentious tea shop move

The Berkeley City Council voted Tuesday to uphold an exception to one local business, allowing it to change locations to another district, thereby exceeding the quota for quick-service restaurants in that area. The appeal of the exception — which was brought before the council after the Zoning Adjustments Board approved
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