Student district isn’t good for city

Imagine Berkeley students having one or two strong voices on the Berkeley City Council. Now, let’s reflect on how we could get that to happen. A student-majority district? Wrong. Redistricting has come to the city of Berkeley — and with it comes many issues. Redistricting is basically the redrawing of
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Haste makes waste

CITY AFFAIRS: The city’s $3.6 million plan to revamp its garbage trucks is forward-thinking, but more research must be done.

Who knew trash could be so costly? In order to make up for a $1.2 million refuse fund deficit, the Berkeley City Council is considering a plan to revamp the city’s current -— and apparently dumpy — garbage trucks for more advanced, eco-friendly ones. The price tag? $3.6 million. Officials
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The Berkeley Youth Alternatives Garden is scheduled to close due to lack of funding.

Due to lack of funding, youth internship program to close

Seaquins Young began working at the Berkeley Youth Alternatives Gardens at the age of 15. For Young, the program provided financial and emotional support as she completed her independent education through her pregnancy. Now, as a 19-year-old in the job market, she had no idea the program that supported her
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Complaint prompts review of Berkeley City Council’s open governance

In response to a complaint that the Berkeley City Council violated the city’s Open Government Ordinance, a city commission is recommending that the council clarify when it is able to discuss items that are not included in the agenda packet. Berkeley’s Open Government Ordinance mandates that reports are received two
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