Crushes you’ll have while at UC Berkeley

Every time we see someone cute, we start imagining how the rest of our lives would look like with said person — the size of our wedding, what we’d name our five dogs and two cats, whether we’d come back to Berkeley for alumni events, etc. Even when we take
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Quiz: Do you have Berkeley goggles?

Have you ever found yourself stopping in your tracks to check out a perfectly average-looking stranger? Or gone all head over heels for that special someone in your discussion only to be extremely disappointed when you finally wake up and smell the roses (or open your eyes, for that matter)? Well,
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Vision Of Eyechart With Glasses

1,738 students check into Tang Eye Center after bout of Berkeley Goggles

Leagues of students have recently checked into Tang Eye Center after realizing that their ability to see clearly has been impaired. Surprisingly, all of these undergraduates have been diagnosed with the same eye disorder — a condition unique to university campuses. Scientists have identified this eye disorder as “Berkeley Goggles.” Berkeley Goggles, once
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