Off the beat: My Turkey’s absence from news

“Your mom told me to pray for you when you went to Turkey,” said my dental hygienist when I walked into the office. This was the morning after a 13-hour flight home from a service trip with UC Berkeley Hillel. Turkey isn’t exactly the type of place one might assume
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Some thoughts on divestment and the Berkeley Jewish community

The Discomfort Zone

Editor’s note: Noah Kulwin is a member of J Street U at UC Berkeley. As word broke yesterday that ASUC President Connor Landgraf would not veto SB 160,  the divestment bill targeting companies involved in Israeli human rights violations, which passed in the ASUC last week, I was not sure
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My Yom Kippur kickback

Religiously Inclined

Last Wednesday, I spent a few short hours in the Berkeley Hillel center at the top of Bancroft Avenue among 100 or so local community members. It was Yom Kippur, and everyone was gathered for the service that would mark the end of a day-long fast and the “High Holy
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Farrakhan’s presence demonizes Jews and others

When I recently heard that the keynote speaker for the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference was going to be Minister Louis Farrakhan, I was disappointed. For a campus that prides itself on openness and inclusivity I can’t think of a more divisive speaker. When Farrakhan spoke at a national convention just
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