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Hundreds of kites take flight at annual Berkeley Kite Festival

The Berkeley Kite Festival is an annual free family festival on the west coast. Every year during the last weekend of July, people gather around Berkeley Marina to appreciate the beauty of kites by watching giant kites as big as houses and by participating in free kite making and free candy drops
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Summer 2016 is here: Berkeley day trips

With less than a week until the first summer session, a lot of us are already thinking about all the things we’re going to do in our free time between classes. We know you’ll be busy, but if you still have the itch to travel during summer school, then we at
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berkeley kite festival

Kites and spirits soar at the 28th annual Berkeley Kite Festival

If you happened to look oceanward from a Berkeley rooftop at some point yesterday afternoon, chances are, you noticed something strange on the horizon. If you dared to venture over to the Berkeley Marina, your puzzlement likely grew — no, you were not hallucinating. Yes, those actually were gigantic octopus-shaped kites
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The kite festival featured professional kite flyers, kite demos, and kite making. (Derek Remsburg/Senior Staff)

Photo Gallery: Kite Festival

The 27th Annual Berkeley Kite Festival featured professional kite flyers, kite demos, and kite making. The festival was held Saturday June 28th and Sunday June 29th at the Berkeley Marina.