Uninhabitable and invisible

Berkeley resident faces squalid living conditions as Section 8 renter receiving subsidized housing

Stretching across the wall in Monica Ferguson’s entryway is an eight-foot hole. The hole has been a problem in Ferguson’s house since she first moved there in 2002, and her landlord had repaired it several times. At the first signs of rain last fall, Ferguson said the paint peeled back, reopening the hole and revealing 10 years of wood rot. This time, her landlord didn’t repair it.
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Don't let your money fly away!

Housing for dummies, part 4

When it comes to the apartment hunt, deposits are typically something we don’t worry about until we don’t get them returned. The Clog’s got your back to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future. So what are deposits anyway? A deposit is what a landlord or property manager requires
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