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Housing for dummies, part 4

When it comes to the apartment hunt, deposits are typically something we don’t worry about until we don’t get them returned. The Clog’s got your back to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future. So what are deposits anyway? A deposit is what a landlord or property manager requires
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City Council may recommend analysis on smoking ban

The Berkeley City Council will consider recommending an analysis on an ordinance that would give landlords in Berkeley the power to ban smoking in their residences. The recommendation, proposed by Councilmembers Kriss Worthington and Max Anderson and set to come up at the council’s meeting Tuesday, asks the city’s Community
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landlord oped

Knowing tenants’ rights: Be aware of screening fees

We all know that looking for housing off campus is stressful, time-consuming and costly. From searching in a very competitive market and paying high rent, to finding roommates and moving and unpacking, the last thing on your mind is the fees that you pay just to fill out an application
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Proposed changes to ordinance would ease relocation process for tenants

Berkeley tenants will have an easier time affording relocation to temporary units if the Berkeley City Council passes an ordinance at its meeting next Tuesday regarding unavoidable housing damages brought on by landlord negligence or disrepair that leaves the unit uninhabitable. The proposed revision to the city’s longstanding relocation ordinance —
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White House visit restores hope

President Obama is committed to fulfilling promises

One hours-long visit to the White House changed my perspective on what is possible for us to achieve today. I hope it might affect yours too. Last month I was honored to receive an invitation from the White House asking me if I wished to meet with President Obama and
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