Living frugally with style

Berkeley is expensive. The rent is high. The clothing stores are trendy and cost a lot. If you let loose for dinner at a restaurant with homey decor and ethically raised ingredients, you can end up with a bill costing $45 per person. A year after arriving in Berkeley, I changed three things. First, I stopped comparing prices here with those in Houston, my hometown. Second, I started having a budget for the first time in my life. Finally, I started to cook.
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The top 10 scents in Berkeley

Berkeley is a town known for many awesome things, but its smells are not usually considered one of them. Walking down Telegraph Avenue or lifting weights in the RSF do not always provide holidays for our nostrils, and the occasional not-so-delightful aromas of an overflowing trashcan on your way to
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Ascent to Indian Rock

Travel Tuesday: 3 Northside gems not to miss

It’s funny how Berkeley can exclude us from the simplest pleasures of childhood. We cluster into apartments, dorms, co-ops and Greek houses that are filled almost exclusively with college students. We flock to a campus that caters to advanced learning, dotted only occasionally with youth during tours or Cal Day
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