The last Clone

Six months after Cloyne Court was purged of its membership, the final remaining member is preparing to pack his bags

It’s been about six months since the campus’s largest student cooperative house was purged of its membership after efforts to alter the house’s culture. All but one of the house’s residents have left, and now, the final remaining member is getting ready to pack his bags.
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In the weeks leading up to the election, student organizations such as CalPIRG could be seen across campus encouraging students and passersby to register if they hadn't done so already.

Student political organizations focus on 2 city measures

Of the seven measures featured on the Berkeley city ballot, two have garnered the particular attention of student political groups for their potential to affect student life at UC Berkeley.

Students have directed their attention primarily to issues regarding redistricting and taxation for this year’s election.
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Sexual assault will not be solved by public relations

So after sexual assault survivors filed federal Title IX and Clery Act complaints against UC Berkeley for sweeping cases under the rug to the U.S. Department of Education, spearheaded state and federal legislation and created a national dialogue about campus sexual assault, how does UC Berkeley respond? By hiring a
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ASUC senator works to improve access to student-cooperative funding

As the main representative for the student cooperative within the ASUC, Pritzkat has worked to improve access to financial resources for the group through the Cooperative Opportunity Fund. This fund is under the discretion of the ASUC senate. Student appeals for funding are reviewed by the ASUC standing committee on finance on a weekly basis.
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Captain (house manager) Shannon Levis, Natasha Von Kaenel, Elizabeth Calhoun and Justin Hsiung sit in Cloyne Court the day before the Berkeley Student Cooperative voted to convert the co-op into substance-free housing.

Closing days of the old Cloyne Court

It was Monday night of dead week, and the members of Cloyne Court were dancing. Although the house’s residents would be required to move out of their home in just two weeks, Cloyne’s dining room was filled with about 100 people piling their plates with home-cooked Mexican food and twirling
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Berkeley in haikus

Four years at Berkeley means so many things to me. I couldn’t possibly describe how I’ve changed or how much every relationship and experience has contributed to my development, so instead of writing a serious piece, I decided to encapsulate my memories in haikus. Be nice; I’m a science major.
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