Student speaks about his success in co-op

On Sept. 12, Vice Chancellor Basri sent a message to all UC Berkeley students about the campus’s efforts to ameliorate the hardships of undocumented students. Notably, the campus did not take a formal stance on this issue until California passed AB 130, the first half of the California DREAM Act,
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Southside Plan will increase affordable housing around campus

Following longstanding efforts to increase affordable housing throughout the city of Berkeley, the Berkeley City Council’s passage of the Southside Plan last week will further promote the development of affordable units over the next few years as the city seeks to increase the availability of low-cost housing for UC Berkeley
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Community members react to approval of Southside Plan

In the midst of a vast amount of support for increased affordable student housing directly south of the UC Berkeley campus, the Berkeley City Council’s passage of the Southside Plan last week has left some community members unsure about how it will improve the business climate in the area. The
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City Council unanimously passes plan for Southside development

After nearly 15 years of planning, the Berkeley City Council unanimously passed the Southside Plan at its meeting Tuesday night, providing a comprehensive set of guidelines aimed at promoting economic and community development in the area south of the UC Berkeley campus. The measures adopted in the sweeping motion included
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City Council to discuss Southside Plan Tuesday night

The Berkeley City Council will hold a public hearing Tuesday to discuss the final implementation of the Southside Plan, which has been in the planning stages for nearly 15 years. The plan promotes economic and housing development in the area directly south of the UC Berkeley campus, from Bancroft Way
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Fresh meat is a sustainable choice

This commotion over slaughtered rabbits on the grounds of my home, Kingman Hall, reveals the stark reality of our food system but brings about a hopeful set of alternatives. I too often find myself distanced from the realities of my food. The frozen chicken breasts sitting in Safeway bring us
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Kingman residents kill bunnies for food

On Aug. 27, a post went out to the Kingman Hall internal website stating grimly, “Bunnies: They are all dead.” On Aug. 30, another message went out, reading, “Okay, since we killed some rabbits we might as well…” together with a Web link to a video of a toad being
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Summer Housing

Where can you call home this summer?

There are always those who choose to remain in Berkeley over the summer, whether they take classes, apply to internships, or just enjoy the city. Luckily Berkeley offers plenty of summer housing options to choose from for students who decide to remain. Plenty of subletting openings are available to people
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